analog and digital experiments

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image: zoOHPraxiscope workshop

The zoOHPraxiscope is a modified overhead projector (OHP) that allows to project and animate rotating picture discs based on the principle of the Phenakistoscope.
In the workshop participants learn how to hack the overhead projector into the ZoOHPraxiscope, learn to create their own picture discs and experiment with different methods of animation.
The core of the workshop is a playful, hands-on approach to animation by appropriating and hacking the overhead projector. Animation is made tangible. By just sticking dots onto 18 segments of a round transparency, participants can create a huge variety of animations

Time Table

Rough plan for 2 days, that may be adapted to participants wishes and needs.
Day 1 introduction and OHP-hack
lecture and discussion on the history of projection and projection devices
soldering the LED- and motor-controller (see Figure 3.)
hacking the projector
test the hack and the cinematographic animations
Day 2 exploring analog animation with the hacked projector
creating different styles of animation using linear movement, rotation, form change, expansion etc. using stickers and punching holes.
drawing animations

Material Cost & Technical needs
The workshop is conceived for 12 – 15 participants who should collaborate in teams of three people. The Organizer Should provide an Overhead Projector for each team, the projector may be electrically broken, only the optical part (all lenses) need to be intact (the workshop is also an up-cycling recycling workshop). The modification kit including the LED, cooling body, light-holder, a motor with a transparent disc and the printed circuit board are provided by us, for the cost of 80,- euro per modification kit. The organizers should also provide the tools for hacking the OHP, an electrical battery powered drill and screw drivers. We will bring the soldering irons.