analog and digital experiments

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image: at mediamatic, amsterdam 2010

disco robots workshop

in the disco robot workshop we build little micro-core based analog walking robots (click here for instructions) that we then transform into little dancing machines. analog walking robots are perfect dance animators. the feedback of the motors modifies the timing of the pattern generator circuit that drives the walking. their moves have a lot of variance that seems to be driven by self-will.

when building disco robots more important than moving forward are the funny moves they produce when their legs are bend the right way. pimped up with a nice disco outfit and tuned to make funny moves they invite you to dance with them. once the dance parrty has started the robots become the perfect medium to get in touch with people: you can admire their little dancing machines or your own bot may be the one to first make contact.

the workshop was developed together with cordula and ralf and first shown at mediamatic in april 2010 . the following videos are from the participants of the workshop.