analog and digital experiments
image: fi'art centre pompidou paris 2008

overheadbots workshop

the overheadbots workshop is based on the installation overheadbots. participants are enabled to build their own overheadbot. the workshop has been developed in collaboration with ralf schreiber and has been performed for the first time at the artbots 2006 event in ghent, belgium. since then we have perfomed this workshop with help of various people at many different venues and locations. in 2008 together with ralf, hendrik and cordula we won the the prix-diy* art at the diy-festival in zürich.

the workshop combines two levels of creativity: first the technical creation of an autonomous minimal solar robot and second the creation of moving images based on the principle of projection and the overhead projector. the technical part demands  focusing and concentration during the soldering and assembly of the circuit, which leads to the joy of creating something that moves on its own will.
the projection part leads to a broadening and brightening when it comes to playing with the overhead projector. here different forms and shapes, the interaction of colors and materials can be explored and the small movements of the robots are transformed and rendered to human scale.

in a playful way the workshop explores soldering, electronics, scientific concepts such as embodiment and emergence, and artistic expression.

suneater schematics

the circuit is very simple, it consists in total of only nine parts including the motor, the solar panel and the printed circuit board. success and satisfaction in building your own overheadbot are guaranteed because of this simplicity. even if a little error sneaked in it is usually quickly found.