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christian faubel and sebastian noth  started derstudel in 2001 to give structure to their shared interest in simple analog robots, in all sorts of electronic tinkering and the mediation of relaxed approach to electronics. strudel is the german word for vortex, it spins and has stronger and stronger attraction the closer you get to the center. over the years derstrudel has attracted and released a number of people:

derstrudel also likes to collaborate with:

besides tinkering and teaching derstrudel also offers e-mail services, webspace, wordpress-blogs and domain-hosting. currently hosted domains are:,,,, all these services run on an old apple powermac-g4 enhanced with a nice ubuntu installation. unix-accounts, webspace, email, wordpress blogs and domain-hosting for subdomains of or free subdomains like are free of charge. there is no warranty of any kind.


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